Friendlys Coffee, Flavored, Butterscotch Swirl, Single Serve Cups

100% Arabica beans. Keurig compatible including 2.0 brewers. When a sweet, sticky swirl meets rich, hot coffee the result is butterscotch bliss. Infused with the flavor of our beloved Butterscotch Swirl premium ice cream, it's sure to satisfy your sweetest craving. No need for a scoop, just grab your favorite mug and enjoy sip after sip. Since 1935, families and friends have gathered at Friendly's to create sweet memories over a few scoops of delicious ice cream. Now you can enjoy these incredible ice cream flavors in your favorite coffee mug. Friendly's new ice cream flavored coffees capture the great tastes of your favorite ice cream and combines them with 100% fresh roasted Arabica beans to make an irresistibly good cup of Joe. Brew up a cup or two and savor the sweetness with someone special.