Superseedz Pumpkin Seeds, Gourmet, Somewhat Spicy

Vegan. Gluten free. Nut free. Allergy Friendly SuperSeedz are free from: Peanuts. Tree nuts. Milk. Wheat. Soy. Fish. Shellfish. 8 g complete protein. Why are they super? When it comes to pumpkin seeds bigger is better. Bigger flavor and better snackability - plus - 8 g protein 16% RDI. Iron 15% RDI. Magnesium 40% RDI. Zinc 15% RDI. Vegan. Paleo & Keto friendly. Non GMO Project verified. All new! No shell pumpkin seed snack. Premium european pumpkin seeds. Somewhat spicy. Small batch crafted. Somewhat Spicy: Wanna know what makes Superseedz so super? First, it's all about our Premium European pumpkin seeds - they're bigger, born without shells and tastier. Second, they're free from the Big 8 allergens, keto/paleo friendly and school safe. Third they're low in carbs, gluten free and deliver 8 grams of plant base protein. If you're looking for a snack that is more about flavor than fire, you're in luck. Somewhat Spicy is a savory blend of aged cayenne, paprika, garlic and sea salt. So skip the chips and join me in guilt free snacking. Kathie. No Shells! For the perfect, irresistible light crunch. Enjoy anytime, anywhere! Does not contain MSG or Soy. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. (at)superseedz. Produced in America.