Stroll the aisles with us...

Cheese, if you please

Aisle 1

Meats & cheeses from around the world and close to home have found their way to our favorite corner of Sautter's Market, right smack dab between the fresh produce, wine, craft beers, and the bakery.  It's almost like cheese is the center of the universe.


For recipes, hors d'houvres, snacking, and the big game, there is a cheese here for every occasion.


The beauty of Fresh

Aisle 1

Fresh, tart, and tangy...succulent, savory and crisp.


You'll find Northwest Ohio's favorite fruits and vegetablesright here at Sautter's.   We pride ourselves on being able to offer you the wonderful quality of locally grown produce and fruit with exciting seasonal varieties.  

But we also venture out  & around the world too, so you can enjoy everything that grows under the sun.  That includes an extensive offering of organics which gets larger and more interesting every week!


At Sautter's, "farm-to-table" takes on a whole new meaning.

Chilly, cool & quick

Aisle 5

Chill out in the Frozen Food aisle.  From imported Gelato to locally made ice creams, we've got the smooth & creamy part of life down pat.  

There are also many frozen food delights that we can't wait for you to discover--appetizers of the highest quality (ready to serve in just minutes when company drops by) fish, chicken, and beef entrees, flash-frozen fruits and vegetables, pastries...just to get you started.  

Plus we've got you covered with the staples you'd expect in your favorite grocery store:  Quick microwave meals, TV dinners, and of course, corn dogs. And don't forget the gourmet toppings for that ice cream, too (look for Coop's).

Beverages beckon, from hearty to flirty

Aisle 8

We've introduced all of your favorite soda pops, bottled waters, and hot chocolate to a few new friends.  The beverage aisle at Sautter's is stocked to the brim with gourmet hot drinks to brew, steep & steam, old-fashioned boutique soda's, exotic coffee beans...and Kool-Aid.  You won't find a more fun bunch of beverages this side of the Mason-Dixon line.

There are a few more aisles left to go in the store, but let's skip that and get down to what's really important-You

At Sautter's Market, our goal is to put you in front of the food that you love.  Sometimes that means we cook, sometimes that means you cook.

Cooking is fun, rewarding, and one of the few simple joys in life that you can give yourself nearly every day. If you don't agree, we need to have a word...


Head on over to Sautter's now.  Bring a recipe, or if you don't have one, just show up and we'll put one in your hand. There's someone in the butcher shop who can explain the different cuts of meat for you, and help you select the perfect portion.  There are folks in the produce department to help you choose the fresh ingredients you might need and then direct you to the spice aisle, canned goods aisle, and cleaning aisle so you can check off everything on your ingredients list and "to-do" list at the same time.  

If you prefer someone else do some of the cooking today, then we've got you covered too, just make a bee-line for the deli where Chef Juan has been cooking up scrumptious ready-to-serve appetizers, soups, salads, entrees and desserts. 

And before you leave, if you're over 21 Jim Sautter might help you pick out the perfect wine or craft beer to pair up with your adventure in cooking....

Bet you're enjoying cooking already, just thinking about it.

See you at Sautter's!

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