Wine Selections

Each bottle on the shelf at Sautter's Market has been thoughtfully selected to bring good taste to your table.


The Sautter's wine shop boasts over 5,000 unique bottles, each hand-selected by Jim Sautter himself (who officially is a true sommelier).  A varied and eclectic selection of tastes allows the senses to travel around the world. You may be sitting at your dining room table in Sylvania, but you'll feel like you are looking out over the coast of Italy.  Or California.  Or France....or wherever your heart takes you.


Wine tastings are scheduled every now and then, so that Mr. Sautter can share his new discoveries in the world of spirited beverages.  Make sure you sign up for the newsletter so you know when a wine tasting is scheduled.

"Wine enhances the flavor of the food," says grocery store owner and sommelier Jim Sautter.

Ohio state law now allows us to give 10% discounts for any purchase of six or more bottles of wine (mix and match too). Previously, the law would only allow store owners to offer discounts on purchases of 12 bottles or more.

Domestic, Imports, and Craft Beers

Great variety, from local micro brews to hard-to-find specialties!

Note:  Our unsurpassed selection of beer/wine is available at both Sautter's locations, Sylvania and Waterville.  As with any product we carry, we will send products from our Sylvania store to our Waterville store if your product isn't currently on the shelf in Waterville.  Please contact a Sautter's team member with your request. 

*Prices and availability may vary from photos.

*prices and availability may vary from those shown in photo

*prices and availability may vary from those shown in photo

Sautter's Market in Sylvania 

5519 Main Street

Sylvania, Ohio 43560


Sautter's Market in Waterville 

9533 Waterville Swanton Rd,

Waterville Ohio, 43566

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